Article 3  -  Membership

1. The Executive of the Association shall establish a Credentials Committee chaired by a member of the Executive who is also an Ordinary Member of the Association.

. The chief categories of membership shall be Ordinary and Associate.
(a) Associate membership is open to all who subscribe to the aims of the Association.
(b) Any one of the following academic qualifications shall be deemed to qualify for admission to Ordinary Membership of the Association: a Licentiate, Master’s degree or Doctorate in Sacred Scripture, Biblical Studies, Biblical Theology or Biblical Languages, conferred by a recognized degree-granting body. 
(c) The Credentials Committee is entitled to propose for Ordinary Membership those who have the equivalency of the above academic qualifications.  This would include scholars in other areas of work whose expertise contributes to the study of scripture and those with the experience of the teaching of scientific exegesis at diploma or degree level for a period not less than three years.
(d) In the case of applications under the provisions of (c) above, the Credentials Committee shall satisfy itself in every instance that the equivalency demanded by the Constitution exists and shall explain the equivalency to the General Meeting.
(e) The Association shall provide a form for applicants which provide them with the opportunity to supply all relevant information. In order to be considered at the Annual General Meeting, applications for membership shall be made to the Credentials Committee at least two months prior to the meeting.
(f) The Credentials Committee shall review all applications for Ordinary Membership at least one month prior to the voting on such applications at an Annual General Meeting. At the Annual General Meeting the names and relevant qualifications of the nominees shall be brought before the Meeting by the Chairperson of the Credentials Committee (or by the Chairperson's delegate) and shall be voted upon individually. No nominee, even if already an Associate Member, may be present during this procedure at the Meeting.
(g) Late applications for Ordinary Membership, namely those received between the meeting of the Credentials Committee and the Annual General Meeting, will be considered as applications for Associate Membership and the applicant may be admitted on that basis. Such admission is without prejudice to application for Ordinary Membership at a subsequent meeting.

Each member shall pay such annual subscription as shall be specified from time to time by a General Meeting of the Association.

Any member whose subscription is more than a year in arrears shall be deemed, after due reminder, to have resigned.

(a) Honorary Life Membership shall be open to those who have made a noteworthy contribution to biblical scholarship. They shall be elected by the General Meeting of the Association on recommendation of the Executive Committee.
(b) The number of Honorary Life Members shall never exceed ten at any given time.